Track building

Build a elaborate wooden track with the easy to use editor. Just point where you want to go and the game does all the hard work for you, automatically making turns and junctions and crossings where you want them.

Train driving + optional game objectives

Build your creations entirely free of restrictions, or enjoy the multiple game modes to add a variety of objectives for you to try and complete with your tracks. Design a rail system to pick up passengers and drop them off at their destination. Manage your weight and momentum to make sure you can get up slopes with your heavy cargo carriages.


Multiple varied environments for you to build and play in. Ride along all the furniture, bump into electronics to activate them, enjoy the special features unique to each environment.


Drop in special objects to add some variety to your builds. Decorative houses and trees to create little villages, unique track shapes and configurations, physics objects to play with, interactive mechanisms like bridges and lifts give you more options to get around the environment.


Easily save and share your creations with the Steam Workshop